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How Locals Only Business Search Works and How It Affects Your Business




Locals only business search is a key way for the search engines to provide the most pertinent results for users, which are primarily calculated based on the data according to location. If you’re looking for a restaurant, doesn’t it make sense to locate one in the nearby vicinity?

Local search is also a great tool that many smaller businesses use since the competition is significantly less. Essentially, you’re competing with other similar businesses within the same location. The higher you can rank in the search engine results page, or SERPS, the greater the chance that a visitor will convert into a sale.

Here are some key ways to help enhance the local search position for your business rather quickly:

1. The first step is to claim your local business. 

Creating a page for your business is as simple as going to Google’s site and just signing in. First, you’ll be asked to submit the name of your particular business. Keep in mind that your specific business may likely already exist in the local search engines even though you weren’t the person who actually added it. Nevertheless, you’ll need to claim it.

2. Properly categorize all your pages. 

Pay very close attention to the way you categorize the pages of your business. While claiming your page, you’ll be asked to choose a main category. Make sure you choose well since it will be considered your primary category overall.

3. Make sure your information is consistent across the Internet. 

It’s crucial that all the contact information concerning your business is listed in a consistent manner no matter where it pops up online. This includes the name of your business, address, and your phone number (frequently referred to as NAP). When it comes to the local directory listings, your business accounts, and any other instances regarding your business, they all have to list the same consistent information across the board.

4. Both quality and quantity count. 

There are certain tools that you can use to help ensure your listing makes its way to some of the best quality directories found anywhere on the web, such as Moz Local tool. In order to enhance your overall quality, perform searches for both geographic terms and also by category to determine if there’s somewhere else you should ideally be listed as well.

5. Optimize your business pages. 

Once you’ve created your local listing, it’s important to ensure that you use every opportunity you have at your disposal to make your pages look appealing as well as professional. For starters, post a number of high quality photos regarding your business and be sure to use a keyword-rich description that lets your audience know exactly what your business is all about. Again, make sure all your contact information is filled out correctly, including your name, address, phone number, hours, and menu if it’s applicable.

6. Use several quality inbound links from a variety of good sources. 

It’s in the best interest of your business to earn as many quality inbound links as possible from a variety of high-profile authoritative sources. The links can come from literally anywhere, including bloggers, newspapers, or local business directories. Also, increase the number of your inbound links through natural content development and sharing on different social media channels as well.

7. Consider hiring a local company to manage your SEO needs. 

Keep in mind that the power of SEO never stops working. When it comes to SEO, just set it and forget it. If you don’t have the time or want the hassle of managing the SEO aspect of your business, consider hiring a good SEO company for just a few hundred dollars a month to kick things off.

Use these vital steps to boost your business in the locals only business search in order to increase your brand as well as your sales.

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