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Press Release – Development Ventures, LLC (“CitiesPlanet”) and, LLC Announce Software Development Deal for both and with Logical Sites, Inc. and Tom Rask

e premium geo domains with Tom and Logical Sites,” says Fred Mercaldo, Founder and Managing Partner of, LLC and CitiesPlanet. “We have numerous properties under management already in both Wisconsin and Illinois, and the addition of and will strengthen our presence in these markets.”

Tom Rask states, “Fred Mercaldo and I have had multiple business dealings since early 2007, when he purchased from our company. Scottsdale borders Tempe, and the purchase made sense for everybody. I have always found Fred and his staff to be honest and easy to deal with. We are placing both and with CitiesPlanet because we are not willing to do the hard work that is involved in running these’s properly. We know, because we already do that hard work in other markets. CitiesPlanet is by far our best option for and, and Fred’s deep knowledge of the Chicagoland and extended area helps a lot with these specific domains.”

CitiesPlanet states that both sites are scheduled for launch in early November 2011.
About Logical Sites, Inc.: Visit
About CitiesPlanet: Visit for further information.
Contact: Fred Mercaldo, email phone 602-859-3786.

Fred Mercaldo

The CEO and Partner of, Fred Mercaldo, is a pioneer in the Geo Domain industry. Fred currently serves as the President of the newly-formed trade association which is a non-profit organization that provides support and a vision for anyone who owns, works in, or is interested in the local online business.

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