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Why NOW Is the Time to Add “Your City” Domain

If you own a domain — a top-level domain for a major city — are you making the most of it? Such domains have a great deal of potential. Unfortunately, however, people often struggle to fill them with content that generates real interest. All too often, domains are more like ghost towns, and the people who own them are lucky to realize any appreciable, or reliable, profits from them.

Does this sound familiar? If you’re unsatisfied with the performance of your city domain name but don’t have the time, money or desire to put any additional work into it, here’s some good news: You can have your cake and eat it too. The solution is as simple as plugging into a ready-made platform that’s specifically designed for domains. A platform allows you to continue posting your own content while loading your site with local and national ads, nationally syndicated columns and more. In one fell swoop, you can transform a site whose only traffic was an occasional tumbleweed into one that’s buzzing with activity.

Revamp Your City Guide Website

Most people who own sites turn them into city guides, which makes a lot of sense. The problem is, many are made into little more than Wikipedia articles. Such sites typically include a handful of important facts about the city, information from the most recent census, a few pieces of trivia, and that’s about it. Needless to say, such sites aren’t dynamic or engaging at all. People who land on them don’t tend to come back. Those searching for in-depth information about those cities tend to go elsewhere.

By plugging into a powerful platform for your website, you can fill it with dynamic, engaging, constantly evolving content that piques visitors’ interest and keeps the site fresh and new. The platform automatically populates your site with local business ads, information about local events, news stories, weather information and much more. You don’t have to do a thing to make it happen; everything is automated for you. The best part of all is that this platform lets you participate in an exciting revenue share plan. Once your site has been revamped to include the new layout and content, it will become much more profitable. In exchange for using this dynamic platform, you simply split the profits with us. Talk about easy money!

Breathe New Life into Your City Domain Name

Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. If you needed information about the city that’s covered by your domain, how useful would your site really be? How long would you stay there? Would you come back in the future? If it’s like most sites, odds are your answers are all resounding nos. At a glance, it’s apparent that such sites are rarely updated. Oftentimes, they have little if any useful information. It’s often immediately clear that someone created the site strictly to earn ad revenue, and that model just doesn’t work anymore. Today’s Internet users are far too savvy.

If you were to take matters into your own hands to update and improve your site, you’d be looking at tons of man-hours of work and, most likely, a whole lot of expense. Hiring a web designer to transform your site would cost a small fortune. Even if you just planned to add a few small things like local business ads and the like, the time and money it would cost would make it completely impractical. Instead, sign up for our new platform and share the resulting profits with us. In no time, your site will go from bland and static to engaging and dynamic — all without any extra effort from you.

Become the Proud Owner of a Sleek, Professional Website

Let’s face it: High-end web design costs a fortune. Many would argue that the expense is well worth it because it results in far better ROI. That’s well and good, but it mostly makes sense for business websites. If you just happen to own a city domain name and would like to start generating decent money with it, sinking a ton of cash into its design is a losing proposition. Digging out of that hole will take eons. Why not hit the ground running by plugging into our powerful platform instead? You won’t believe the difference in terms of the design, navigability, and overall style of the site, and you won’t have to spend a fortune or devote any extra time to improving it.

The sooner you plug into our platform to fill your site with local events and other optimized content and information, the sooner you can start realizing improved profits and more. Our revenue share plan lets you earn considerable money from your city domain without breaking the bank or having to do any additional work. Get the ball rolling on yours today!


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